Further Reading

Further reading

Some of the literature which is relevant for the project Design for Usability is given on this website. This literature can be divided into 10 categories, based on the main topics (some literature is placed in more than one category). All these topics are related to each other in the way which is described in the figure below.













  • Basics Usability 101
    For when you are new to usability or when you want to check the basics
  • Context
    How societal and technological changes influences product use
  • Company
    About aligning your company with user centred product development
  • Project
    About setting up a user centred design project
  • Team
    About the importance of a good design team in the creation of usable products
  • Process
    About all usability related process issues such as user testing and ergonomics
  • Usage
    About product use and to understand the importance of satisfying the users
  • Methods
    Literature on the design and research methods for user centred design
  • Food for thought
    Various literature that could be used for discussing the influences on usable products and adjacent subjects such as Universal Design
  • Other
    Literature in this section did not fit into any of the other categories.