About product use and to understand the importance of satisfying the users

Consumer dissatisfaction

  • Kim, C.J., Christiaans, H.H.C.M., & Eijk, D. van. (2007). Soft Problems in Using Consumer Electronic Products. International Conference of IASDR, Hong Kong
    Identify, categorize and argument usability problems related to consumer dissatisfaction.
    consumer dissatisfaction
  • Kim C.J. & Christiaans, H.H.C.M., (2008) The Correlation Between Soft Problems and User Characteristics. Proceedings of SEAES conference (Published).
    Connecting and understanding relations between consumer dissatisfaction and user characteristics.
    consumer dissatisfaction, user characteristics
  • Kim, C.J. & Christiaans, H.H.C.M. (2009). Usability and ‘Soft Problems’: a conceptual framework tested in practice’, at the Conference of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA ’09) in Beijing (August 9-14 2009).
    A model to be used in identifying the interaction between usability problems, user characteristics and PC.
    consumer dissatisfaction, framework, user characteristics, PC
  • Kim, C.J. and Christiaans, H.H.C.M. (2009). ‘Soft’ problems with consumer electronics and the influence of user characteristics. Proceedings of the 17th International conference on engineering design, ICED’09 (pp. 241-251). S.l.: The Design Society.
    Developing user profiles from a study in Kim & Christiaans 2008.
    consumer dissatisfaction, user characteristics, user profiles
  • Babbar, S., R. Behara, et al. (2002). “Mapping product usability.” International Journal of Operations & Production Management 22(10): 1071-1089.
    Understanding consumer dissatisfaction in the context of general consumer products
    consumer dissatisfaction
  • Rust, R. T., D. V. Thompson and R. W. Hamilton (2006) “Defeating feature fatigue.” Harvard Business Review 84 (2): 98-107.
    Reporting an experiment that shows that before use people prioritize functionality over usability, while after having used the product this preference may flip.
    feature creep, functionality, consumer preference, effects of usability

User characteristics

Experiencing products


  • Kuijk J.I. van, Preijde, E., Toet, E., Kanis, H. (forthcoming) What You See Is NOT What You Get – Exploratory Studies on Expected and Experienced Usability. IEA2009 – 17th world congress on ergonomics, August 9-14, Beijing, China
    Study that explores what factors impact expected usability, and whether and how experienced usability affects participants’ evaluation of other product properties, such as sales price and appearance.
    perception, usability, expected usability, user experience
  • Wever, R., Kuijk J.I. van, Boks, C. (2008) User-Centered Design for Sustainable Behaviour. Journal of sustainable Engineering, Volume 1, Issue 1. Taylor & Francis, London
    This paper explores the possibility of influencing user-product interaction through the design of the product with the aim of improving the sustainability of product use. It provides a typology of four user-centered design strategies for inducing sustainable behavior. The four strategies are supported with examples from packaging, automotive and consumer electronics.
    sustainability, behaviour steering, user-centred design, design theory