2009: DfU

Symposium 2009 – Usability Methods & tools: update usability knowledge

In 2009 the DfU project team organized the first DfU projectsymposium. It was clear that the audience was interested to here more about the state of the art on usability, as the 300 seats available were sold out within three weeks.

After the presentations by people from industry and universities the deans of the Industrial Design faculties of the three technical Dutch universities opened the Design United exhibition. At this yearly event excellent designs of students of the faculties is shown. This year the theme of the exhibition was ‘Design for Usability’. In the afternoon 8 parallel workshops were given by DfU project members and companies.

The day concluded with drinks at the Design United exhibition. Here participants got the chance to meet user-centred product development professionals and academics and to exchange knowledge.


Symposium proceedings

Abstracts of the lectures and workshops are published in the DfU 2009 symposium proceedings that was sent to all people that applied for the symposium.

In the media

The 2009 DfU symposium also appeared in the media: VARA Radio: Kassa! and De Telegraaf


  • Designing for a moving target – from functionality to usability to experience (Gerrit C. van der Veer – Open University Netherlands and University of Sardinië, President ACM SIGCHI)
  • Usability in a productive print environment (Abbie Vanhoutte & Robert Eijlander – Océ-Technologies B.V.
  • The challenges in interaction design for consumer and professional electronics (Cees van Dok – Frog Design Europe)
  • No silver bullet – why making usable consumer electronics requires organizational change (Jasper van Kuijk MSc – TU Delft)


  • Workshop 1: The User Centered Experience – Experiencing a typical ‘User Centered Design’ cycle in an interactive workshop (Abbie Vanhoutte & Robert Eijlander – Océ-Technologies B.V.)
  • Workshop 2: Managing Design for Usability in practice – Professional debate on effectively addressing usability risks and opportunities. (Willem Mees van der Bijl Indes)
  • Workshop 3: Advanced user research and evaluation – How to get the best and most out of user research and evaluation (Roel Kahmann – P5 Consultants)
  • Workshop 4: Guiding and changing user behavior – Improving design by learning to assess how products change users (Steven Dorrestijn)
  • Workshop 5: The usability runway – a practical introduction in approaching usability related design assignments (Mascha van der Voort, Irene Anggreeni & Frederik Hoolhorst)
  • Workshop 6: Small usability techniques – Practical application and added value of ‘small usability techniques’ in design (Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer & Stella Boess)
  • Workshop 7: Toolbox for Usability – Learn about the MUST tool: managing usability information & supporting decision-making (Christelle Harkema & ChaJoong Kim)
  • Workshop 8: Usability in practice – barriers and enablers (Jasper van Kuijk)


Financial support: Agency NL

Partners: Senter NovemPartners: Chi NederlandPartners: TU DelftPartners: TU EindhovenPartners: Universiteit Twente