2011: Methods & Tools

Symposium 2011 – Putting research into practice

At this symposium the usability tools and methods developed during the DfU research project were presented in a practical and effective way. The event took place at the inspiring Media Plaza in Utrecht and was the concluding event of the DfU research project.

In the morning the 200 participants listened to the presentations of multinational Philips and design consultancy Indes about how user centered product development has changed within these companies over the last few years. The afternoon program consisted of 6 workshops. In these workshops participants got to know all new DfU project methods and tools in an interactive way. The day concluded with a preview of the Design for Usability book. In this book all tools and methods created during the DfU project are collected and presented in a practical and hands on way.


  • Usability at Philips (Bert Ipema – Philips)
  • Usability at Indes (Willem Mees van der Bijl – Indes)
  • Results of the DfU project (Jasper van Kuijk)


  • Workshop 1: The UCD Kick-off tool – Creating a plan of approach for your user-centred product development process (Frederik Hoolhorst & Mascha van der Voort)
  • Workshop 2: Improving usability decision-making – How to prevent unawareness in your design practice (Christelle Harkema & Ilse Luyk-de Visser)
  • Workshop 3: Interaction between Product and User profiles – How to increase users’ satisfaction and avoid mistakes (Chajoong Kim & Henri Christiaans)
  • Workshop 4: Product Impact Tool – How can user behaviour be guided and changed through design? (Steven Dorresteijn & Peter-Paul Verbeek)
  • Workshop 5: Introducing the Design for Usability Method Selection Tool – How to find the best method for your project (Tristan Weevers & Jaap Daalhuizen)
  • Workshop 6: The Envisioning Use workshop – A team technique for early development to create a common vision on product use (Stella Boess & Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer)