World Usability Day 2012 symposium – Presentations


Bram Elderman, Apple Computer Inc.

Bram is ‘consulting engineer’ at Apple Computer. In his presentation, Bram discloses how Apple manages to design user-friendly products, a fairly challenging feat, given the rapid development of computers, telephones and tablets. Bram gives us a glimpse of how Apple deals with user research, showing us that you can never precisely predict how users will actually end up using their products.


Lilian Henze, P5 Consultants

Lilian is co-founder of P5 Consultants, professionals in human-centred design and is currently working on her (part time) PhD at TUDelft. She presents her experiences gained in over twenty years of usability research in practice, and how this led to her search for an even deeper understanding of this field. It remains challenging to bring   the results of all this research into practice. Many researchers, designers, managers and others are involved in interpreting these research findings during the journey from design and development to bringing the product to the market. Lilian’s research aims to help those involved cope better with this process.


Vincent Hofstee, Atag

Vincent is ‘senior product manager’ at Atag. User-friendliness is a key issue allowing Atag to maintain their premium brand cutting edge. Vincent’s presentation shows us, with some recent projects, how Atag designs user-intuitive products and how users are involved in the development process.


Mark Cowan, Happen

Mark is one of the founding partners of the Happen Group. Happen is a consumer insight-led innovation consultancy that works for clients in Fast Moving Consumer Goods markets. Mark will share how Happen’s approach to uncovering fresh consumer insight helps create the perfect proposition to win new business. How not only the consumer need, but also understanding the context of the usage occasion makes the critical difference between creating nice ideas, and ideas that actually work.